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Major Downsides of Consuming Hard Water

March 19, 2019

Livings in hard water areas are difficult for peaceful sustenance. If you are staying in such regions you are aware of problems like stained tiles, fixtures damages and dry hair or dull skin. As you are habitual now are neglecting the consequences it yields on your health and home.

A person overlooks the indications of hardness issues on health and qualms later. Majority of people are unaware of the downsides of hard water consumption. In an US-based local survey, citizens were asked about the delineation amid hard and soft water. Nearly 80 percent of people were unable to answer the question.

If you are amongst them who have little knowledge about hard water no worries. Stay tuned to this tutorial to infer all necessary information about hard water and its negative impact on health and body.

Hard water:

Water is a good solvent that picks up minerals efficiently. When rainwater seeps through soil and rocks it dissolves minerals like calcium and magnesium from it. When a high amount of Ca and Mg are present in water it causes water hardening.

The Health Impacts of Hard Water:

Hard water consumption isn’t a daily chore nuisance but a potential risk to your health. As per the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, if a person drinks high-density mineral water regularly they are prone to infirmity. A high magnesium and calcium level adversely affects the body organs. This overall causes health deterioration over a period of time.

The major snag of hard water consumption is cardiovascular disease. Many researchers and scientists in diverse studies across the globe found that hard water laid a negative impact on high blood pressure and heart disease. The high amount of minerals (Ca and Mg) also affected the reproductive system of males/ females. The hard water areas experienced reproductive failure 20 percent more than soft water regions.

In children, a correlation was seen linking hard water and growth retardation. Even gastric, renal, colon, ovarian and liver cancers were risked due to it. If any of your family members are diabetic or suffering from neural problems avoid drinking hard water.

Skin and Hair Problems from Hard Water:

The first thing noticed from hard water usage is skin related issues. The skin irritation, dryness, redness, and cracks are due to excess minerals deposition in water. This could lead to Eczema in adults and children’s. If you are suffering from dryness and itchiness you need to change your water else it may worsen your condition. The excessive amounts of Ca, Mg and fluoride have the tendency to wash out the natural oils from the skin. This causes skin petulance and aridity.  The only way to get rid of all water-related issues is by installing a water softener.

Many reasons like vitamins deficiency, health issues or hard water contribute to hair damage. When concentrated calcium, magnesium, and silica containing water are used to wash hairs it removes the natural oil from scalp too. Washing hairs with hard water damage the hair follicles causing dandruff.

Downsides of Hard Water on Home:

Hard water not only causes health issues but affects household too. If you are in the dilemma you have hard water access or not. Look out for the signs:

  • No lather while washing clothes and faded clothes
  • Soap scum and a thin film on the skin
  • Hard water stains on tiles, floors, and dishwashers
  • Damaging of appliances, deposition of a layer
  • Clogged pipes and plumbing issues
  • Skin irritation and dry hairs
  • Heating system not working properly


The reasons are enough to make you realize that you need a water softener. However still if you are perplexed then let me tell you if you calculate the annual repairing costs that you spend on getting your appliances working it is equal to one-time water softener installation cost. Now it depends on you whether you risk the health of your family or change the scenario.

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